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Council Tenant Application to Sublet of Part of My Home

What type of tenancy do you have? *
What type of tenancy do you have?

Introductory tenants do not have the right to take in lodgers. Only secure tenants have this right. If you're unsure about the type of tenancy you have, please contact the Housing team for advice on 01273 471600.

A Secure tenant must not sublet the whole of their tenancy. This form is for requesting permission to part sublet your tenancy. If a secure tenant parts with possession of his dwelling or sublets the whole of it to a subtenant(s) the tenancy ceases to be a secure tenancy and cannot become a secure tenancy even if the tenant moves back in.

You must have written consent from Lewes District Council before you can part sublet your tenancy. You must not part sublet your property without written agreement.

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What is your preferred contact method?
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