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Council Tax Discount Application Form


If fewer than two adults (aged 18 or over) live in a property, a discount may be available, for example for single adult occupiers and empty properties.

- If two or more adults are resident there is no discount available.
- If one adult is resident the discount will be 25%.
- If the property is occupied but we do not count anyone occupying the property for Council Tax purposes (see below).

If there are fewer than two people living in your property (not including anyone in the categories below), complete this form to apply for a discount.

Please note, you are required to fill in all fields marked with a red asterisk.

Categories of adults not to be included in the above count

1.  Prisoners and other persons in detention.
2.  Severely mentally impaired people.
3.  People aged 18 or over for whom Child Benefit is still payable.
4.  Apprentices (earning less than £195 per week).
5.  Full time students and foreign language assistants (including non British partner/dependants).
6.  Student Nurses
7.  Youth Training Trainees (long stay).
8.  Hospital patients (long stay).
9.  People receiving care in residential care or nursing homes, or hostels (long stay).
10. Carer e.g. care workers earning less than £44.00 per week and people caring for someone (other than their spouse, partner or child) with a disability.
11. People staying in hostels or night shelters (no fixed abode).
12. Members of religious communities e.g. Monks and Nuns.
13. Members of international headquarters and defence organisations.
14. School and college leavers.
15. Members of visiting forces.

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